Next stop: Napier

16 June:  It is 14:00 and we have begun our steam back to port. The seismic gear is packed away, the heat flow probe is on the deck, and the winch wire rinsed clean of seawater.  All in all, this has been a very successful cruise. Large amounts of data were collected and will all prove to be invaluable for the continued study of the Hikurangi margin. We will be pulling in to port at 08:00 tomorrow – weary from travel, rough seas, and hard work – but feeling accomplished.

Anne asked me yesterday if I would come back to sea, given the opportunity. Not a moment passed before I responded with a resounding ‘Yes!’, and we began to converse on the challenges and rewards of field science on the ocean. I will look forward to that opportunity, should it come my way, and will not forget my experience here on the Roger Revelle.

A few pictures from final heat probe recovery, along with one of the more stunning sunsets:


Waiting for the probe to surface. The guys are all around 6 feet tall, and the ship has a 12-foot freeboard…. We’re looking at a rather impressive swell here. Sporty!


I was glad I was waiting in the hangar during this recovery.


It was quite a dramatic recovery. No crewmen, scientists, or heat flow probes were injured.


I will miss my nightly sunset viewing. This one offers a great view of the North Island, too.


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